Worker Management

Administrative Support

We handle the basic necessities of your workers such as work pass or work permit processing, their arrival and arrangements for medical check-ups, opening of bank accounts, salary reimbursements and insurance purchase, so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Payroll and Bookkeeping

You won’t have to be burdened with complicated and time-consuming calculations as we will manage payroll and tax processing, salary disbursement, preparation and issuance of salary statement, as well as reporting and payment of expenses or bonuses, in accordance with the law.

Training Arrangement

We want to equip your employees with up-to-date and complete skills, whether they are foreign workers or management staff. That is why we provide coordination of relevant training for your employees at any level. We will even manage the traveling, schedules and locations of the training.

Transport Management

We provide a well-integrated transportation service that includes air ticket arrangements, and escort to the airport, covering all staff. We also have a detailed workers’ repatriation service, so that all the processes involved in your staffs’ arrival and departure are fully in our care.